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How to apply to be a performer?
How to apply to be a performer?
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Thank you for your interest in joining Enchant Christmas 2023 ๐ŸŽ…

To be considered for Enchant Christmas, please send the below information.

  1. A video clip of your act between five and ten minutes long.

  2. Your resume, references, and any PR material that you may have.

  3. Your daily salary requirements. For serious consideration, all proposals must include salary requests. We do negotiate, but we must have a baseline for budgetary reasons.

  4. Your availability. Enchant runs for approximately 6 consecutive weeks Monday - Sundays which includes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve.

  • We are more than happy to visit your website for additional information, but you MUST SEND THE REQUESTED MATERIALS BY EMAIL.

Please email your information to: [email protected]

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