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Do you offer Discounts or Promo Codes?
Do you offer Discounts or Promo Codes?
Updated over a week ago

We are currently running a few ticket options and promotions.

  • Family 4 Pack -

    • Guests can select the Family 4 Pack from the home screen under "Packages" which contains 2 adults and 2 junior tickets

    • If your cart just happens to contain 2 adults and 2 junior admissions the Family 4 pack discount will be automatically applied to those 4 tickets at the checkout screen.

  • Groups -

    • We have a 10% savings offer for guests who purchase 10 or more Adult or Junior General Admission tickets on the same order; this savings offer excludes Infant, Senior, Military, VIP, Suites, and Add-ons. This discount is automatically applied at checkout. Tickets are non refundable and Discounts can not be applied after the ticket purchase has been completed.

      • Our website has a 25 ticket limit per transaction, for groups requiring more than 25 tickets, multiple transactions will be necessary

  • Please Note:

    • Pricing varies based on the date and time you select to attend

      • Review different arrival window times as they may differ in price on certain days

    • Promotions can not be combined with any other offers

    • We do not offer any public discount or promo codes so please kindly refrain from messaging guest services

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