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Do you offer Discounts or Promo Codes?
Do you offer Discounts or Promo Codes?
Updated over a week ago

We are currently running a few discount ticket options and promotions.

  • Early Bird Pricing - the website currently is only showing the early bird pricing from now until June 25th. Then when tickets are released again in September the pricing will be more expensive

  • Magic Ticket promo - learn more HERE

  • Family 4 Pack

    • Guests can select the Family 4 Pack from the home screen under "Packages" which contains 2 adults and 2 junior tickets

    • If your cart just happens to contain 2 adults and 2 junior admissions the Family 4 pack discount will be automatically applied to those 4 tickets at the checkout screen.

  • Dynamic Pricing - We use dynamic pricing which means pricing is going to be different depending on the date you buy them, the date you select to attend the event, and the time you select to attend. The pricing will also fluctuate based on availability.

    • Review different days in the season as we offer dynamic pricing so pricing will change depending on the date, week, or ticket type you select

    • Review different arrival window times as they may differ in price on certain days

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