Congratulations! What a great question! Enchant Christmas welcomes marriage proposals and wedding ceremonies at any time during our event cycle! 

However, if you plan on your special occasion being a medium to large scale event, we kindly request that you email us at [email protected] with the following details: 

  1. How many people will be in attendance

  2. If you will have a professional photographer/audio visual specialist in attendance

  3. If you wish to reserve a suite rental for your party
    Special information to note: 

  • Please be aware that Enchant Christmas is a public event and our spaces are open to everyone to enjoy! So, at this time, we are not able to reserve a particular space for you to propose or get married in while in our event space. While we love celebrating these types of occasions and welcome them to take place in our event space, we do not offer any special services while on-site. That said, we do recommend you touch base with our Guest Services team near the entrance to Enchant Christmas to make them aware of your special plans! We also recommend that you attend our event during our earlier arrival windows, which can offer a lower volume of guests in our event space. 

  • If you will be using a professional photographer, please make note of the information on what is prohibited for the particular event location you will be visiting.

Please pay particular attention to the notes on "Commercial camera and audio equipment" and check in with us to ensure we have a proper heads-up on your plans.

If you're planning for a larger group party, please submit your Private Party & Events request with our Application Form:

Again, we’re here to help answer any questions so your big day can go off without a hitch!

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