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The Hit-It-Here VIP experience is located in the Hit-It-Here Club in the T-Mobile stadium! It is a 21+ club and features a wonderful top-down view of Enchant Christmas. 

The VIP experience is located in the Diamond Club and this is an all ages space. There is also not a view of the Enchant Christmas grounds. However, it should be noted, there are far more date availabilities when purchasing the VIP experience through the Diamond Club and it is going to be a wonderful space to enjoy being a VIP!

Please note: The perks of the VIP experience are the same in both the Hit-It-Here and VIP ticket purchase option!

Here is a list of VIP perks:

  • Exclusive VIP separate entrance into the event to avoid the General Admission line-up.
  • All-You-Can-Eat gourmet catering in private space accessible only by VIPs.
  • An exclusive lounge just for the VIPs! (Alcoholic drinks can be purchased separately).
  • Complimentary VIP skate rentals.
  • Front of the line access to skates, skate waivers and our Skating Trail. 

Please note: Arriving on time ensures your arrival window access to our VIP catering and beverage services. 

Both VIP experiences will be wonderful! And, we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Please note for all cities: dogs are not permitted into VIP spaces on Paws n’ Claus dates.

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