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Yes! Each city will have a designated Sensory Room. Signage with directions to this room will be posted throughout the event space in each of our locations. Our Guest Services team is a wonderful resource for questions related to the location of this room and they are located near the Main Entrance in all three city locations.

  • Please note: There will be mild-to-high frequency lighting effects throughout the Light Maze (however, there will not be strobe lights). Most of the lighting fixtures are static, but portions of the Light Maze will have programmed lighting such as in our Light Tunnel. We urge all guests to make a judgement call based on posted social media and website photos and videos, and your reading of the event spaces once on-site. We also recommend that guests come equipped with Light Sensitivity Glasses, should you think the Light Maze will affect yourself, friends or family adversely.

Some of these sensory areas will include the entirety of the Light Maze, string lights in the concourse, LED signage throughout the event space, and any stadium display screens.

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