Great question! Oh, what fun it is to skate!

Access to the Ice Skating Trail is free of charge if you bring your own skates. Skate rentals will be available at a cost of $5 for Children/Youth (age 4-17) and $10 for Adults (age 18+) at the event itself. Skate rentals can be purchased once on-site at our Ice Skating Trail, or online as an add-on purchase. 

For children 3 and under, when booking online, please add a Child/Youth skate rental to reserve strap-on double-blade skates. This purchase will be reflected on your confirmation ticket and can be redeemed on-site the day you are attending Enchant Christmas. 

All skating participants will be required to sign a waiver prior to entering the Skating Trail.

You are permitted to bring your own skates into Enchant Christmas as long as your skate blades are protected with adequate skate guards. Any skates without skate guards will not be permitted into Enchant Christmas. 

 A clear plastic bag is recommended to transport your skates and make note that backpacks are not permitted into the event. Restrictions on bag policy are in effect and bags must be smaller than 16" x 16" x 8". 

Please note: Backpack admittance is strictly prohibited.

ALL bags will be searched.

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