As a VIP Ticket Holder, you'll have a designated separate entrance into Enchant Christmas. There will be signage to indicate where this is located once you are on-site. 

Here is the VIP Entrance and Parking information per each city:

St. Petersburg VIP Entrance and Parking: Your entrance will be located at GATE 1 Main Entrance. We recommend parking in Lot 6 or 7. 

Seattle VIP Entrance and Parking: You will enter at the Media Entrance, to the right of the Main Gate. We recommend parking in the Mariners Garage for the closest access to the Media Entrance. 

Washington, DC., VIP Entrance and Parking: You will enter through the Center Field Gate at N Street SE. We recommend that you park in the GEICO Garage on N Street SE or Garage C on First Street SE. 

Please note for all cities: dogs are not permitted into VIP spaces on Paws n’ Claus dates.

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